Villa Royal

Villa Royal


A big villa with a fine landscape and a garden. Consists of the main house with 6 bedrooms of suites, including fantastic master-luxe room and two more guest houses of 8 rooms. Professional fitness / SPA and the hall of rest, from whith a fascinating pool and seaview. On the first floor there id a spacious loving room with a fireplace and a grand piano, the dining room and a terrace for a breakfast. There isare a completely equipped kitchen with professional equipment and the room with a bathroom for the maid.Aldo there are Wi-Fi Internet, central air conditioning and heated floors. The pool with heating on 28 meters and beautiful well-groomed lawns and a garden. Spa and fitness center is presented by a wide choice of professional exercise machines, a jacuzzi and a spacious Turkish bath.

Conditioner, alarm, barbecue, the warmed-up pool, indoor pool, jacuzzi, fireplace,private garden, satellite television, sauna, security,plank beds, the warmed-up floors in bathrooms, wine cellar, WIFI Internet.


Price: from 7.000€/day.

from 200 000 eu/month.

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